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Pastor Theroux

From the Pastors Desk

Many have been so indoctrinated with the “don’t offend anyone” philosophy that even many Christians are afraid to speak up against moral and spiritual wrongs in this world. That thinking is not biblical. Christians should stand up and speak out on the issues of our time. Certainly the biblical teaching never intends the Christian to be purposefully rude and hurtful to anyone. We are to warn the world, however, of encroaching dangers and pitfalls. We have the spiritual eyes to see them coming, and we are to warn those that cannot see or understand them…. Getting rid of true Christianity, (God’s witnesses) does not diminish the truth it can only briefly quiet the conviction. We need to call sin what it is and not lessen its reproach. If we don’t speak up, who will?

Church News

March Church News

Praise God we serve a Living Saviour!! You know that’s one thing that separates us from other religions…Our Saviour isn’t in the grave anymore!! I’m glad we serve a Living Saviour, because that means He can still do a work today!! And He has!! God has been blessing Cornerstone Baptist Church immensely!! We have seen 14 first […]

Pastor Theroux

From the Pastors Desk

J. Frank Norris said, “Whenever you find a preacher who takes the Bible allegorically and figuratively…that preacher is preaching an allegorical gospel which is no Gospel. I thank God for a literal Christ, for a literal salvation. There is literal sorrow, literal death, literal Hell, and, thank God, there is a literal Heaven.

Recent News

This last month was busy, but God has been blessing!!  We were able to have a Valentine’s Banquet and the food and fellowship was great!!  We also took a group of young people to Incredible Pizza in Tulsa!!  We are excited about the potential of our church and about the possibilities of what God can […]

Find Your Place

As Christians we are called to server and not just to fill an empty pew. We at Cornerstone Baptist Church strive to give people the opportunities they need to serve the Lord with their life.

Recent news & Church Growth

God is good!!  Serving God is a wonderful thing!!  One of the most exciting parts about getting involved in our church is being able to watch people grow and also seeing our church grow at the same time!!  We have averaged 86 this last month on Sunday mornings!!  There have also been a total of […]

The Christ of Christmas

This celebration has its fundamental origin before Jesus was ever born in the little town of Bethlehem. In fact, this celebration started as a pagan holiday celebrated during the winter solstice to look forward to longer days and extended hours of sunlight. It was not until the fourth century that church officials set aside this […]

Missing Something

Let Us Help You Find Jesus

Do you feel like your missing something in your life? Do you feel like you are living in a bad dream? We all get confused and lose track and have to stand back and figure out what we are missing. If you are having this problem in your life, God may be trying to get […]

Church Growth

Wow!!!  What a great month!!  God has blessed us so much this month!  We had a total of 62 visitors for October!  We had a total of 7 people saved and 7 baptized!  Get around a meet our new church members!!  Justin B., Kayla B., Christopher W., Melvin J., Dana J., Jeremy S., and Scarlett […]

Fall Harvest Campaign Results

Our Fall Harvest Campaign ended on October 7, 2012, with our Old Fashion Sunday. We had a total of 92 visitors during the six-week campaign!!  We also had a high attendance of 103!! October has been a very fruitful month as well with a total of 62 first time visitors!! We have also had 7 […]