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March Church News

Praise God we serve a Living Saviour!! You know that’s one thing that separates us from other religions…Our Saviour isn’t in the grave anymore!! I’m glad we serve a Living Saviour, because that means He can still do a work today!! And He has!! God has been blessing Cornerstone Baptist Church immensely!! We have seen 14 first time visitors (3 children and 11 adults) this past month!! We have also averaged 75 on Sunday mornings!! We were able to have two guest speakers with us this past month, Dr. Andrew Phipps and Dr. David Cwenar! They both did an outstanding job!! God’s hand has been all over these two great men of God!! We were able to take a group of young people to a youth rally last month and it was a blessing!! Our ladies also had an activity and our young couples did too!! We had a young man, Doug, get saved this last week in the parking lot at Lowe’s!! Praise the Lord!! Another one is going to Heaven!! There were also two that were baptized and two joined the church by letter!! Praise God that we can be busy about our Father’s business!!


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