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Praise God! What an awesome month. We were able to host our annual youth rally and we had over 130 people here. The youth rally went great and several young people made some good decisions. Thank you for your prayers and your help. The teen girls and the young couples each had a great time at their activities this month. The ladies had an outing where they went shopping and they had an amazing time. We averaged 75 on Sunday mornings this last month. We also had 32 first time visitors (20 adults and 12 children) in April. Ashley came and visited our church and she got saved. We also had two baptisms. Bro. Brian Theroux taught the church on Symbolism and two came forward for reassurance! It’s exciting to see our church grow. We have our revival week this week. Pray that God will do a work in our hearts and lives. Keep on keeping on and let’s do more for the cause of Christ.


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