Recent news & Church Growth

God is good!!  Serving God is a wonderful thing!!  One of the most exciting parts about getting involved in our church is being able to watch people grow and also seeing our church grow at the same time!!  We have averaged 86 this last month on Sunday mornings!!  There have also been a total of 45 visitors (20 adults & 25 kids) in November!!  We have seen 3 saved this last month too!!  Candace (who has been visiting our church for over a month) brought a turkey to the church for our Thanksgiving food baskets and before she left, she trusted Christ as her personal Saviour!!  Roger (who has been visiting for over a month) trusted Christ on a Sunday night in Preacher’s office after our Thanksgiving fellowship!!  God is so good!!  We were able to give 16 food baskets (including turkeys) to our bus families the week before Thanksgiving!!  We are excited to see what God has planned for our church!!  We are getting ready for our annual Christmas Store the Sunday before Christmas!!

Not only do we see physical growth around here, but we see a lot of personal, spiritual growth as well.  Here is a special THANK YOU to all those that made our Thanksgiving food baskets possible.  Let’s keep doing more and more for the cause of Christ and we will see our church continue to grow and we will grow personally as well!


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