Heather with ChildrenThe most important thing to our families is the instruction and protection of our children. Here at Cornerstone, you will find one of the most qualified nurseries in the state. We have very caring and sweet ladies that provide excellent service for you and your child. This allows you to fully participate in the preaching and fellowship of the church service while knowing that your child is in good hands, being watched by qualified care givers. The majority of our nursery workers have been trained in daycares and have children of their own and have great experience with caring for our little ones.

When the disciples told the little children to go away Jesus told the people to bring the children to him directly. God cares for us and not just when we are older and more mature, but God cares for our children as well. Children have a special place in the sight of God so much that he said it would be better that a man be drowned in the sea than he offend the least of these referring to our children. We seek to follow Christ’s example by providing tender love and care for all children that God brings through our doors.