Matthew and Lydia Meads are our Missionaries to Vanuatu. The Meads are doing a marvelous work for the Lord. Continue to come back and read his monthly letters to find out what he is doing to serve the Lord and spread the gospel.

Dear Praying Friends,

I left the truck at the end of the road and stood trying to decide whether I should pay the extra money for a boat to take me up the coast or simply hike over the mountains. Either way involves at least 3 hours of hiking to reach my destination but the boat cuts out the most treacherous part of the hike. Since I didn’t have much equipment to carry this time I decided to save the thirty dollars and take the cliff trails. This would be my first time to take the trail alone but I felt confident I could find the way without a guide.

The village of Sakele has always been closed to the Gospel, but God miraculously allowed me to witness there on my last trip. When I left the chief invited me to return and share more of the story of Christ. This was my sole purpose in hiking to West Coast this day.

After passing through several villages and I came to an area I wasn’t familiar with. The sun was beginning to set and I was still a long way from the village where I was planning to sleep. Hiking these narrow mountain trails in the dark would be suicide. I needed help. Suddenly, man stepped out of what I thought was an old abandoned village. He asked where I was going and did I need a guide. His name was Richard. I thanked God for sending Richard and began witnessing to him as we walked. I was careful not to pressure him, but simply shared the story of Jesus and what He has done for us. Two hours later we reached the top of the final hill. The village was very close now. I turned and asked Richard if he understood everything I’d told him. “I do understand. I understand everything. And I know what I need to do. Will you pray with me?”

Praise God for Richard’s salvation! I’m so glad I didn’t take the boat and God allowed us to cross paths. When I reached Sakele, I discovered there was a death in a nearby village. Everyone was gone for the funeral, which would last 10 days. I promised to return another time and headed back to town the next morning. The trip was not in vain,because I had a divine appointment with Richard. Please pray for his spiritual growth.

January 8-10, we hosted our first national pastor’s conference. We had a wonderful time. We had about 20 pastors and deacons attend. Including all the families made it 60 people all together. Missionaries Steve Spore and Jim Hirtzel, from the capitol island, also joined us as guest speakers. Our pastors left refreshed and encouraged. We are grateful for our youth helping with cooking, cleaning, and caring for the children during the conference. Their servants’ heart is a blessing.

We are excited about the arrival of Jenn Scarfi. She has come to translate the Bible into Bislama. Something we desperately need as the current translation is completely unusable. Lydia is looking forward to helping with this project.

School resumes this year on Feb. 4th. Please pray for Lydia as she teaches at Matevulu. Pray for God’s blessing on the ministry and that many more students will come to know Him.

Serving by His Grace,

Matthew & Lydia Meads