sunday schoolThere are so many people that we meet that are in search of the truth. Other churches have entertainment and social gatherings, but they are missing the truth. There is nothing wrong with having fun as Christians, and there is a time for fun, but most important is that we find the truth. We have been blessed at Cornerstone to have some of the best Bible teaching that you can find. Every Sunday we hear truth being taught right from God’s Word, the King James Bible. The adult sunday school teacher, Terry Lequieu, has lessons prepared every Sunday that correlate to the month’s theme. We have heard great teachings on God’s will, soul winning, going through hard times, stewardship, what a true church is, and much more. We would be honored to have you come to our Adult Bible Studies where we learn the truth from God’s Holy Bible.

Guest Seth Robinson

Several times a year, we are honored to have special speakers teach in our Bible Study Class. We have heard men such as Dr. Dean Miller, Evangelist Chris Dallas, and Seth Robinson. Each and every time they bring a lesson that is truly from the Lord. It can sometimes be hard studying the Bible on your own as some passages can be confusing and misleading unless careful examination of the scriptures are done, which is why we set aside a time to open the Bible and study the Bible. Our Bible Study time is unique in that we most Sundays open the floor for questions and statements. It is truly fascinating how we can all learn from each other through the same Bible passage or topic. Many of us tend to sometimes overlook phrases or verses that may seem difficult and hard to understand, but when brought to the light with a prepared lesson and shared statements from the congregation we all learn something that we have read dozens of times but never fully comprehended.

It is truly fascinating how we can all learn from each other through the same Bible passage or topic.

Our Bible Study class helps us fulfill the great commission by teaching others what we have learned ourselves, but it should not stop there. We need to challenge each other to take the teachings and lessons that we learn during our Bible Study and first apply them to our own lives and then also be able to teach them to others.