Dr. Lee Roberson

Dr. Lee Roberson

Folks don’t want to be shaken. They would rather sit still. They want to come to church Sunday morning, listen to you for an hour, get up and walk out the door, go home and eat dinner, and forget about what you said.

Dr. Lee Roberson, loyal pastor of the Highland Park Baptist Church, and founder and president of Tennessee Temple Schools in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is world-renowned in religious circles.  In his early years, Dr. Roberson was well known as a singer. Dr. Roberson was called to the Highland Park Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in November of 1942. Brother Roberson was a man of God at home as well as at church. He set an example of faithfulness and devotion to his family and to his convictions before his church and to the entire world. At home, he sought to teach his children in the fear and admonition of the Lord around a daily family altar, which had reflected itself in the lives of his children. Whether he was speaking from the pulpit of the Highland Park Baptist Church, the chapel platform of Tennessee Temple Schools, to his Men’s Bible Class, or at one of many other special services, his messages were always fresh, fervent, and filled with the power of God. In speaking of him, someone has said,

He is truly the Spurgeon of our times.

Dr. Roberson’s reputation as pastor, preacher, educator and evangelist will not soon be forgotten. For more than 65 years, he was a key leader and one of the most influential preachers in fundamentalism.  Dr. Lee Roberson is in Heaven now, who will fill his shoes?


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