Revival comes to Cornerstone

We had the privilege of hosting revival services with Bro. Chris Dallas this previous weekend. We were truly revived and thank everyone who had a part and attended the revival services. 

Bro. Chris preached several powerful messages. Wednesday night was kicked off with a message about pleasing God. We live our lives trying to please everybody else, but the one person we forget to please is God. Thursday night Bro. Chris preached about what happened to the blush. Remembering back to when we first became a Christian, we would blush at sin and would shy away from it. Now that we have been saved for several years we treat sin as an everyday occurrence when God sees it as an abomination. We needed this message to get rid of the sin in our lives to be ready to get revival in our hearts. Friday, Bro. Chris delivered a powerful message about losing the big things while holding onto the small things in our lives. We often times to many get so caught up with the temporary things in our lives and forget about the things that really matter. For instance we get caught up holding onto our pride and lose (our opportunity for) our salvation. Sunday we heard two great messages from Bro. Seth Robinson. Sunday morning we heard a message about decisions in our lives. We need to make sure that we make all the decisions with God and not just the big ones where we think God is important. we tend to think that we can make the small decisions on our own, but the truth is that we need God. Then, Sunday evening Bro. Seth delivered a message about lessons from the Potter’s house and what we can learn from the imagery of God being the Potter and our lives being the clay. If you missed any of these messages you missed something great. Please also continue to pray for Bro. Chris Dallas and his wife as they continue on with their ministry and traveling across our nation.