Stewardship: Our Talents

“Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.” – I Corinthians 4:2
What is a steward?

Many people are talented and are able to serve the Lord in multiple ways, while there are others whom God only gives a few talents to. Let’s take a closer look at being a good steward of our talents.

Our Natural Abilities Matthew 25:14-31

God gives each person certain natural ability. V. 15

What kind of abilities (or talents) does God give us?

Believers will not be judged on the amount of talent they have, but for what they have done with that which they have. V. 20-29

What should we do with the abilities we have?

“Christ has no hands but our hands to do His work today.
He has no feet but out feet to lead men in His way.
He has no help but our help to bring them to His side
He has no lips but our lips to tell them how He dies.
We’re the only Bible the careless world will read.
We’re the sinner’s Gospel; we’re the scoffer’s creed.
We are our Lord’s last message, written in deed and word.
What if the type be crooked, what if the print be blurred?
What if our hands be busy with other work than His?
What if our feet are walking, where sin’s allurement is?
What if our lips be speaking words His lips would spurn?
How can we hope to help Him, or hasten our Lord’s return?”

Our Spiritual Gifts I Peter 4:10; I Timothy 4:14; II Timothy 1:6

In addition to our natural abilities, we are each endowed (equipped) with spiritual gifts. These gifts are to be used for the edifying of the Lord’s churches, and the Christian is responsible to do just that.

Ephesians 4:11-12

What are some Spiritual gifts that God gives us, according to the Bible?

God has given each of us at least one spiritual gift, but we must search His Word and find out what it is and do it.


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