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School Field Trip

America’s #1 Best New Attraction and Time’s World’s Greatest Places is not too far from our small town of McAlester. The Gathering Place was just opened in September 2018 and is truly a unique experience. It is a park of all ages, allowing families and groups to gather together and enjoy the scenic river front and interact […]

Old Fashion Revival 2019

Have you ever wondered what it would be like stepping into a church 100 years ago. Well, we will be leaving the A/C on, and are not taking out the padded chairs and carpet, but come join us for an Old Fashion Revival Weekend! One of America’s best known Fundamental, Independent Baptist Evangelists, Dr. Dean […]

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To Every Problem There is a Solution

Do you have a problem that seems like there is no solution? God has an answer to every problem that we have. Listen to Dr. George Theroux as he dynamically delivers this message, “To Every Problem There is a Solution.”

Fear of God by Dr. George Theroux

What does it mean to have the fear of God? Listen to Dr. Theroux as he preaches about the proper fear of God that a Christian should have in his life. The fear of God will keep us from sin if we would just recognize it.

Articles to Ponder

Living Triumphantly

Looking at this New Year, one of the first significant events on the national calendar is the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States, I have often wondered, how can one person shoulder the heavy burden of the presidency? Especially when, instead of being supported and encouraged, he is attacked and vilified even […]

The Bible Belt

A Formula for Church Planting

In the mid-1700s, a pastor by the name of Shubal Stearns led the Sandy Creek Baptist Church in North Carolina. During the Separate Baptist Revival led by Bro. Stearns, 17 men were ordained and planted churches. Through those early church planting efforts, it is possible to trace in one generation 500 Baptist church plants back to Sandy Creek Baptist Church and in two generations over 1,000 Baptist church plants were traced back to this church!

Why did Daniel Pray Towards Jerusalem

Praying Towards Jerusalem

We read in 1 Kings 8:27 that the heavens cannot contain God so how could the temple of God? Daniel did not pray towards Jerusalem to direct his prayer towards God, because Jerusalem could not contain God. Daniel prayed toward Jerusalem because he was looking for an answer of forgiveness and restoration.

Fathers of Fundamentalism

John A. Broadus

John A. Broadus

John Albert Broadus was born January 24, 1827 to Major Edmund Broadus and Nancy Sims in Culpepper County, Virginia. His family was not wealthy in monetary terms but was enriched with love and devotion to God. John was taught by his family and later by his Uncle Albert G. Sims, when he returned home unexpectedly […]

H. A. Ironside

H. A. Ironside

Few preachers had more varied ministries than this man. He was a captain in the Salvation Army, an itinerant preacher with the Plymouth Brethren, pastor of the renowned Moody Memorial Church in Chicago, and conducted Bible conferences throughout the world. Sandwiched between those major ministries, Ironside preached the Gospel on street corners, in missions, in […]

Sunday School Lessons

Did you know?


God has done many things here at Cornerstone Baptist Church. Under the leadership of Dr. George Theroux we have completed…

Did You Know? – Missions

Missions is the heartbeat of God!  Jesus Christ is the greatest missionary of all time.  He left the glories of Heaven and came to die for sinful man. He resurrected three days later! When He returned to Heaven, He left the church with the Great Commission to go and reach the world with the Gospel! …

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