The Great Harvest of Souls: Part II

“…Behold, a sower went forth to sow.” – Matthew 13:3

We are in our Fall Harvest Campaign and this month we will be studying:
I. The What of the Harvest
II. The Who of the Harvest
III. The Where and When of the Harvest
IV. The Why of the Harvest

This week we will continue our study with the “Who” of the Harvest.

Each of us strive to reach others with the Gospel, but many times we don’t do such a great job at assessing our prospects. Everyone fits into the ‘who’ of the Harvest, the only question remains is which ‘who’ are they? You see there are four types of hearts that we will encounter while soul-winning…

The Wayward Heart v. 4, 18-19 “No Results”

This is the type of person that hears the Gospel, but soon after the Devil snatches the truth out of their lives.

How does the Devil do this?

The seed of the Word of God doesn’t get the opportunity to germinate or try to even take root. The Word of God is then gone, as if it had never been heard.

The Weak Heart v. 5-6, 20-21 “No Root”

This is the shallow conversion. These are those who make a profession of faith, but the Word of God takes no root, and thereby there is no fruit.

What does God’s Word say about this type of heart?

The Worldly Heart v. 7, 22 “No Resistance”

This is the heart of one who is worldly and doesn’t want to give up their sin to follow Jesus.
Thorns are a result of the curse (Genesis 3:18) and therefore are always associated with sin’s curse.

There are three types of thorns mentioned in Matthew 13:22 and Mark 4:19, what are they and what do they mean?

The Willing Heart v. 8, 23 “Now Ready”

This is the productive heart. A genuine conversion is evidenced by fruit.

What kind of Church members does this type of heart produce?


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