The Great Harvest of Souls: Part I

“…for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” – Galatians 6:9
The Great Harvest of Souls! What does this even mean?

We are in our Fall Harvest Campaign and this month we will be studying:
I. The What of the Harvest
II. The Who of the Harvest
III. The Where and When of the Harvest
IV. The Why of the Harvest

This week let’s begin our study with the “What” of the Harvest.

The Planting of the Harvest Galatians 6:7

Our reaping is directly proportional to what we sow and how much we sow – II Corinthians 9:6

What are we supposed to be sowing?

How can we do this?

You will only get out of your Harvest what you put into your Harvest. If you sow little, you will reap little. If you don’t spend much time preparing the soil, you won’t have a good harvest either. We must cultivate and care for those that we are trying to reach with the Gospel.

The Proper Care of the Harvest I Corinthians 3:6

If we are going to reap a harvest, we must water that which was planted.

What does this mean and how does it apply to our prospects?

Psalm 126:5-6

How often do you shed tears over those you are trying to reach with the Gospel?

The Procurement of the Harvest Matthew 9:35-39

This is the reaping of the Harvest. Procurement means ‘obtaining by effort, care, or the use of special means.’

What does Jesus do here in this passage?

Jude 22-23

Study John 4:28-41


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