How’s Your Attitude toward Revival?

“…he ran and worshipped him,” – Mark 5:6

In Mark 5, we see the biggest sinner in town get saved. He was demon possessed, naked, cutting himself, and dwelling in the tombs; but Jesus came in and this sinner got saved! But, as you read this chapter, you will find out that the rest of the town wasn’t interested in having revival. Many times our churches are like this town – we see revival start in the church-house but it doesn’t carry over into our lives. So, why doesn’t the revival last?

We don’t want our sin Corrected v. 1

They come to the country of the Gadarenes. Who are the Gadarenes?

We want to shout while living comfortable in our sins.

What does it mean to have our sins corrected?

It Costs too much v. 9-14

People aren’t willing to sacrifice and pay the price for revival.

Notice these people were more worried about the price of their swine than they were worried about the price of a soul.

What will true revival cost us?

We don’t want to Change our lifestyle v. 15

People fear a changed life – because they can’t control.

Galatians 5:16

We don’t need to cater to the desires of our flesh so that we can walk in the Spirit. Sometimes we need to learn when to tell ourselves “NO” so that the Spirit of God can work.

We don’t want Jesus to Camp out v. 15-16

I Corinthians 5:17

He didn’t just ‘pass by’ this town. He came to do a work, but the people didn’t want Him to stay.

If He could change the vilest of sinners, in just the short time He was there, they were afraid of what changes He might do in them.

V. We don’t want Jesus Commanding our lives v. 16-20

Revival doesn’t last because we don’t want God to come in and take over. Once He does, He will clean out some things.

Jesus provided for this man physically, spiritually, and emotionally according to verse 15.

If Jesus could do this with one man that gave Him control, what could Jesus do with our church if we gave Him control of our lives?


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