How’s Your Attitude Now?

“And let us bring again the ark of our God to us:” – I Chronicles 13:3

We just went through a Revival and those that came each night seeking revival, had true revival in their hearts. Now the question arises, what do we do next? The evangelist is gone and the Revival meeting has closed, and we are back in our normal routines. Has anything in your life changed? Have you kept the decisions you made during the Revival? Let’s take a look at a similar situation in the Scriptures…

They All wanted to do the right thing v. 1-4

This account is also shown in II Samuel 6. We find that there are 30,000 total men that decide to lead their families to follow the Lord.

Notice, they wanted to do right, but they didn’t consult God on how He wanted it done. They had the right motives, but they had the wrong methods.

Sometimes we want to do right, but we stray from the proper methods and try it our own way.

Proverbs 4:26-27

Were you faithful to the Revival? Are we all in one accord about what God wants us to do?

They Acted on their decision v. 5-8

They had gotten the presence of God and were bringing it back to their homes. They were very excited according to verse 8.

We just went through a Revival and we saw God move in and take control.

What does it mean to act on our decisions?

Are you still on fire, or has that already died? Remember, Revival comes from God, but it is manifested in us. Whether or not we want revival to last or show itself in our church will be decided by each of us.

They became Afraid v. 9-12

They didn’t follow God’s rules for carrying the ark and it began to fall. Uzza reached forth his hand and touched it. Immediately, God killed Uzza. The Word of God was disobeyed and God’s judgment was brought forth. Then, all those that had previously wanted God in their lives now backed out of their decision.

What’s it going to take to keep you from serving God?
Don’t tempt God by trying to serve Him your way rather than the way He planned.

What are some reasons why we don’t want to take Christ’s presence home with us? (v.12)

One kept his Allegiance v. 13-14

One man decided he was going to stay faithful to God and keep the decision he made. One man took God’s presence home with him that day and the Bible says that God blessed him.

Everyone else that had the right intentions and even meant well, missed out on all the blessings of God, because they didn’t stay committed to the decision they made for God.

Can you be counted on? Are you dependable? Will you keep your commitments?


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