dr george theroux, pastor

Pastor George Theroux

Pastor's Salvation Testimony

When I was seventeen, I supposedly got saved in a Baptist church.... At the age of twenty-one, I felt the calling to preach. Several years later, as a youth director and Sunday school teacher I realized I was not saved. All I had was a head knowledge of Christ, not a heart knowledge. I fought this for several years. At the age of thirty-three it became a burden, was I saved or not? During this time we were attending Bearing Cross Baptist Church. It was vacation Bible school and the theme for that week was Daniel in the lion's den. I was in the adult class with my pastor, it was on a Thursday night, the twenty-second of June 1991, that after class was over I went to Pastor Calhoun and confronted him that I needed to be saved. I could not take it any longer, so I knelt down in that little room beside an old rusty brown chair and asked Jesus into my heart. I accepted Jesus that day and my life has not been the same. AMEN!


Pastor's Calling Testimony

God had a plan for my life from the very beginning. I got married when I was eighteen to Mrs. Kristy Theroux. I made a promise to God that the first Sunday of our marriage, that I will have my family in church always. At the age of twenty-one, I felt the calling to preach. I quickly became a youth director and Sunday school teacher. A few years later, I was led to a sound doctrine Bible believing church. Bible Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Arkansas. From there I recieved the calling to preach under Dr. Jack Hyles while attending pastor school. A few months after that I surrendered to the missions field of Aguascalientes, Mexico. I finished my Bible training at Bethel Baptist College in Jacksonville, Arkansas and went on deputation for a year then onto the field as a missionary to Mexico. A year later my wife developed a blood disorder and a year after that, we had to return back to state side. God allowed me to become the assistant pastor at Liberty Baptist Church, and from there God gave me a pastoral position here at Cornerstone Baptist Church. I have been here going on my eighth year, and God has used me to break attendance records several times and see more baptisms in the past eight years than in the last twenty-four years of the church existence.

Pastor's Doctorate

Cornerstone Baptist Church would like to recognize our Pastor as having finished his Doctorate of Theology degree. Pastor Theroux finished his degree and graduated in May of 2013 by completing a commentary on the book of Revelation. God has truly given our Dr. Theroux the knowledge and understanding to help us comprehend and correctly apply the book of Revelation to us. Dr. Theroux's commentary on Revelation is available to be purchased at printing costs. For more information please contact us.


Pastor’s Sermons

To Every Problem There is a Solution

Do you have a problem that seems like there is no solution? God has an answer to every problem that we have. Listen to Dr. George Theroux as he dynamically delivers this message, “To Every Problem There is a Solution.”

Fear of God by Dr. George Theroux

What does it mean to have the fear of God? Listen to Dr. Theroux as he preaches about the proper fear of God that a Christian should have in his life. The fear of God will keep us from sin if we would just recognize it.