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As Christians we are called to server and not just to fill an empty pew. We at Cornerstone Baptist Church strive to give people the opportunities they need to serve the Lord with their life.

Missing Something

Let Us Help You Find Jesus

Do you feel like your missing something in your life? Do you feel like you are living in a bad dream? We all get confused and lose track and have to stand back and figure out what we are missing. If you are having this problem in your life, God may be trying to get […]

The Bible Belt

A Formula for Church Planting

In the mid-1700s, a pastor by the name of Shubal Stearns led the Sandy Creek Baptist Church in North Carolina. During the Separate Baptist Revival led by Bro. Stearns, 17 men were ordained and planted churches. Through those early church planting efforts, it is possible to trace in one generation 500 Baptist church plants back to Sandy Creek Baptist Church and in two generations over 1,000 Baptist church plants were traced back to this church!

Pastor George Theroux's Desk

What I look for in a True Church – Salvation by Grace

We preach the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith in Christ, not of works. “By grace are ye saved, through faith and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God and not of works, lest any man should boast. Ephesians 2:8-9. That simply means that a sinner is saved by the grace of God, not by any work he performed yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That is what it means. So when I look for the New Testament Church, that is a local, visible assembly of God’s people who are saved and scripturally baptized, associating together in some definite locality for the purpose of carrying out the Lord’s Commission.

Cornerstone Baptist Academy 2014-15 School Year

We just completed our first year of Cornerstone Baptist Academy. God blessed and we had 13 students this past year. We will be starting a 3 and 4 year old pre-school that will go half a day this upcoming year and we are very excited about that!! God blessed and we had some families sponsor a child for the year […]

building project 2015 (15)

Church Fellowship Hall Addition update

Praise God the foundation has been laid for our new fellowship hall. The building will be going up in the next week and the rest of the work will soon follow. Please pray for dry weather so we can hasten the building project and for more offerings to help meet the need!

spring revival 2015 181

May Recap

Praise the Lord for a great Revival! We had Bro. Chris Dallas with us for our Spring Revival and the Lord did a great work that week. This past month we have seen 30 first time visitors (14 Adults & 16 children), 4 saved, 3 baptized, 2 rededicated their life to the Lord, and 2 […]

Pastor George Theroux's Desk

What I look for in a New Testament True Church – Part 1

What I look for in a New Testament True Church? Well, first of all – Its beginning. Where did it originate and who was its founder? Does its teachings line up with God’s holy Word (KJV Bible)?

I understand there are various ideas regarding the origin of the church, but the Baptist position is that which we believe to be the Scriptural position, that it occurred on the mountain top. (Luke 6:12-16; Is. 2:2; Matt. 16:18) And it was founded by Jesus Christ Himself and that the twelve apostles were the first members.