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Why did Daniel Pray Towards Jerusalem

Praying Towards Jerusalem

We read in 1 Kings 8:27 that the heavens cannot contain God so how could the temple of God? Daniel did not pray towards Jerusalem to direct his prayer towards God, because Jerusalem could not contain God. Daniel prayed toward Jerusalem because he was looking for an answer of forgiveness and restoration.

Bible Trivia April

Genesis chapter seven gives us the Biblical account of the Flood. Before the Flood came, God told Noah to get into the ark and wait for the rain to come. How many days was Noah in the ark before God sent the Flood? Comment with Answer.

Church News

March Church News

Praise God we serve a Living Saviour!! You know that’s one thing that separates us from other religions…Our Saviour isn’t in the grave anymore!! I’m glad we serve a Living Saviour, because that means He can still do a work today!! And He has!! God has been blessing Cornerstone Baptist Church immensely!! We have seen 14 first […]

Find Your Place

As Christians we are called to server and not just to fill an empty pew. We at Cornerstone Baptist Church strive to give people the opportunities they need to serve the Lord with their life.